Meet Me: A Mini Documentary Series

Robert Pina

Hello Nerd Nite, I am the editor, Robert Piña of Red Visual Magazine and I am focusing on a diverse nomadic lifestyle magazine. We are presenting in the next nerd nite a mix of Interviews from our voyage on the Hawaii and media from California (not advertising the magazine). Overall, it will strictly be educational and informative to the audience of Nerd nite taking a journalist approach.


Nerds just want to have fun: adventures in adult science summer camp and microbial mischief 

 Sarah Tucker

Ah, the rigorous summer science course, fondly known as adult science camp. The home of a truly majestic and strange culture of boundless scientific inquiry, awkward networking interactions, beer-driven philosophical conversation, passive-aggressive pipette sharing, and sometimes… METHANE GAS. I invite you to join for a sneak peek into my experience as an adult scientist summer camper at a camp for microbe enthusiasts. Together, we will discover microscopic treasures that are stranger than you could ever imagine.

Bio: When Sarah is not at summer camp, she is studying marine microbes at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology for her PhD, inhaling Bob’s Pizza, and attempting to speak in different tongues (read: learn new languages).


Creating & Playing Games for Preferred Futures – On Multiversity in Lieu of University

Cody Lestelle

Come and marvel at the wonders of learning through play and level up in life utilizing the structure of games! This talk begins with a brief journey of critical history on the origins of ‘the university’ (universitas) and its role as an institution of inquisition from the European witch hunts and gestures toward its contemporary role in domesticating and policing magical practices. After providing this key historical and political context to elucidate the occult, pedagogical, and political significance of multiversity, those present will learn a wide range of strategies, tactics, and tools for using games and play in creating and navigating to preferred futures–for a world in which many worlds fit.
Keywords: Augmented Reality, Alternate Reality Games, Deschooling, Dungeons & Dragons, EdTech, eSports, eLearning, Futures, Higher Education, K-12, Minecraft, Social Skills, Therapy, STEM, STEAM
Bio: Cody Lestelle is the founder of the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences ( Cody holds a Masters degree in Autonomous Organization from the University of the Earth (Oaxaca, Mexico) and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in preferred futures with the department of Political Science at the  University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.