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Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture

Bell Lin

  1. Our world loves Seafood! Especially for shrimp!
    2. How much shrimp do Americans eat? (Forest Gump shrimp joke)
    3. What is shrimp aquaculture
    4. Problem with traditional shrimp aquaculture
    5. What is sustainable shrimp aquaculture?
    6. Life cycle of Pacific White Shrimp

Bell Lin is a research assistant at Oceanic Institute’s shrimp department. He did his master degree in marine science at Hawaii Pacific University and got his bachelor’s degree in aquaculture at National Taiwan Ocean University. He’s a free diver and does underwater photography. He cooks and eats shrimp every day.


Fascists and Oligarchs and Democracy, oh my! The origins of our common political language

Warren McKenzie

Description: A close-ish look at the terminology which has come to dominate our political discourse, and a talk/diatribe on how these words have changed from their classical origins in political theory as they enter common use. As political talks are inherently somewhat charged and certain touchy topics cannot be avoided, supporters of Dion of Syracuse are encouraged to drink extra beforehand.

Warren McKenzie is a PhD student in mineral physicist who works on lunar regolith and developing simulants and standards for an upcoming Lunar lander in addition to working with presolar silicon carbide, remnants of asymptotic giant branch stars and supernovae which were accreted in the early solar system. Once every year or so he drags the rotting carcass of a political theory degree out of storage and tries to do something entertaining with it.


Taking Care of Your Own Dead: Home Funerals & Death Midwifery

Leilani Maxera

Until the Civil War home funerals were considered the norm in America. They are safe, legal, and are currently making a resurgence. This talk will teach you more about current home funeral practices and how they can benefit the loved ones of those who died.

Leilani Maxera is a social worker, death doula, and the Outreach & Overdose Prevention Manager at Hawai’i Health & Harm Reduction Center. She spends most of her time talking about death and drugs, but also loves reading, horror, and being marginally good at trivia. She is the facilitator for Death Cafe Honolulu, a death and dying discussion group that is free and open to all.