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Our Speakers and topics:

Speaker 1: Arielle Crews
Lepto and the Lyme Light: Pathogen Survival in Two Complex Ecosystems
In every ecosystem, organisms compete for resources. This fight for survival occurs at all levels from lions hunting for food to ants for habitat. But what if I told you this also happens with pathogens and one of the resources is us?

Speaker 2: Helen Sung
Crocodylians: Evolution’s Perfect Murder Sausages
Crocodylians are not only some of the world’s largest, most powerful predators, but also outlived the dinosaurs through mass extinctions and global changes. So what makes these glorious murder sausages so evolutionarily successful? Join me as I tell you about why I think crocodylians are the best and why you should think so too.

Speaker 3: Leon Tran
A Hippo Invasion: The Unexpected Legacy of Pablo Escobar
In the wake of Pablo Escobar’s death, his empire remains in its various forms. Part of his empire included a pod of hippos whose ecological legacy has much to be revealed.