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The Search for the Fountain of youth
Eva Majerová
The age-long search of the eternal life might reach its end. Everything is hidden in telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes. They seem to control the biological age of our cells. Sooner or later we might be able to modulate the aging of our bodies. Or NOT? Let’s dive into the world of life and death together.
Eva is a postdoctoral fellow in the Gates Coral Lab at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology, UH Manoa. Before her switch to coral biology she was the genuine lab rat studying the thin layer between longevity and cancer in different labs in Europe. Since she has a Czech blood in her veins, beside ice hockey she always appreciates couple of pints of a good beer with her friends. During her free time, she takes care of her telomeres by boxing in the gym, running, hiking and laughing a lot, being a huge optimist and a dreamer.
The Sundurbans: Mangroves, Tigers and Deltas, Oh My!
Madeline Piscetta
The Sundarbans are the world’s largest mangrove eco-region and home to the endangered Bengal tiger. Inundated by sea level rise to the south and increased glacial melt to the north, they are the canary in the global warming coal mine.
Madeline Piscetta is a Master’s student from the University of Miami studying marine conservation and coral biology. She is currently interning at the Gates Coral Lab at HIMB. When she’s not researching corals, she is enthusiastically geeking out about geology, classic rock, and everything Star Wars.
3D Printing: Like a regular printer, except it prints stuff.
Sean Robinson
3D printers are cheap, simple and open source, so why did it take us so long to really start implementing them? We can already print a variety of things, from plastic parts and engine turbines to simple houses and rodent organs; what does that mean for the future when we can have anything at any time?
Grew up in San Jose, California perfectly in time for the tech boom. As a kid Sean over charged his ride-on toys-r-us truck, built potato cannons, and generally did not pay attention in school. Now he is DIY engineering his own smart home, working with solar tech, and heavily into CNC and 3D printing.