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International Development: technological progress in distant corners of the globe
Brennan Purtzer

Brennan is a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Ukraine, the founder of the Blue Continent Alliance international research project, and The Molokai Island Times Newspaper. After founding his first business at age 22, he has worked on presidential and directed congressional campaigns, lived at the North Pole and received his Masters degree from Norway. Over the past 10 years, he has conducted international development research on nearly every continent.

In this presentation, Brennan will share a sampling of the work he has observed while developing the Your Blue Continent media project in the past year, and shedding light on the state of international development today.


Talking Dirty with Confidence: a tutorial for shy and stumped nerds
Maria Houar

Dirty talk is the most adaptable, not to mention affordable (free!) of kinks, but those looking to try new things with their partners express feeling bashful, silly, or simply at a loss for words, when they find themselves “in the moment”. In this presentation, we will use cooking metaphors to walk through some fun, easy and accessible ways to engage in safe and consensual dirty talk with confidence. Anyone can use these skills to spice things up when things are getting hot in the kitchen, so to speak! This talk is safe for work, but it won’t be bland.

Maria Teresa is part of the Doctoral program of Performance Studies at UH Mānoa, researching dance, queerness, sexuality, and consensual allyship in live performance.


Professional Data Wrestler
Dean Ramos

Dean will be sharing a unique perspective of how he wrestles complex data into submission. He’ll be hitting three points:
1) Technology & the World Around Us, 2) How Computers Talk to Each other, and 3) Tying it all together and why it’s relevant to you.

Dean Anthony Ramos has 20 years of experience in information technology with a passion for learning how things work. A graduate of San Jose State University and a member in the Gary Sbona Honors Program. In addition to managing data, he is the Official UCE Wrestling Ring Announcer.