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Krissie Kellogg – Aerospace Exploration Lab & Imaginarium Specialist at WCC
Greek Mythology: Rated R
The (not very) romantic escapades of Zeus and how Greek mythology is an R-rated topic.
As a kid, she was always interested in space, stars, planets, robots, machines, etc. S he couldn’t have been more different than the family I grew up in!  She works at the Windward Community College where she is surrounded by everything she loved as a kid! She’s living her 9 year old kid dream every day!
Dr. Brian Bowen – Researcher at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Can three Norse ladies save the planet?

Mythology is a reflection of the human psyche, useful for explaining things so that even drunks can understand them. In this context, Brian uses Norse mythology to explain the role of three scientific disciplines (phylogenetics, ecology, and evolution) in wildlife conservation.

Brian is a Grateful Dead fan and connoisseur of fine tequilas. When the Dead aren’t touring, or when consuming tequila is unwise, he is a research professor at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.


Beth Lenz – PhD Candidate at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

SymbioSEAS: Science, education, art, and society

2018 was the Year of the Reef, Pantone declared 2019 the living coral – find out ways scientists and artists in Oahu have come together to share their perspective on tropical coral reef ecosystems in the upcoming exhibit SymbioSEAS: Connecting Science, Education, Art, and Society through Coral Reefs.

Beth’s spirit animal is a hummingbird.