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Nerd Nite Honolulu is a monthly event that happens every first Tuesday 

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Nerdet al. gather to mingle, drink, think and learn something like they’ve never learned before! BONUS: BYO FOOD

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Fun-yet-intelligent presentations are interspersed with live or DJ’ed music, while the audience drinks (and thinks) along.

Be there and be square!

VENUE: Anna O’Brien’s at Isenberg and Beretania

Doors at 7:30 * Talks at 8ish


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Boats, Boats, Boats: Using Computers to Design Cool Stuff in the Ocean


The advancement of computers has led to a transformation in boat design beyond traditional naval architecture. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), engineers can now rapidly prototype early-stage designs and more accurately predict performance. CFD is valuable for designing boats, ships, floating structures, and amphibious vehicles. Plus, it can make some pretty cool pictures and animations.

Charlie was born in raised in Hawaii, went to MIT for my Bachelor’s degree, then came back home to get my Master’s at UH. Since graduating, he worked for five years as a Mechanical/Ocean Engineer for Navatek Ltd, a local engineering company that specializes in science and technology projects, primarily for the Office of Naval Research and other government programs.


The Only Thing You Can Really Choose to Wear for Your Funeral

KAI SMART, Tattooer

A very brief discussion of the past, present, and future of tattooing as well as a longer discussion of my personal experiences with it. I examine the growing popularity of the craft, the role a tattooer plays in the experience, and the repercussions of permanence in this day and age.

Kai Smart has been a tattooer for 13 years, coming to it from an unlikely career as an antique book-dealer. She’s actually someone who uses her college art degree! She is also a nerd, and through talking to her clients to sooth them during an intense experience spreads a lot knowledge, some of which is possibly false or embellished information. Oh well.


Exploring “Artsci” Practices for 21st Century Scientists

KIRSTEN CARLSON, Science Communicator
DR. JUDY LEMUS, Marine Scientist

Kirsten and Judy will share their pathways into integrating science and art through their respective careers. They will present a new interactive teaching tool based on their collaboration and invite you to participate in the fun!

Kirsten Carlson is one-part nerd, one-part artist and 100% Viking. She is a trained science communicator and spearheads the Kailua Beach Plankton Rescue Unit on Oahu (always looking for more volunteers). She is a National Science Foundation Groupie, having just returned from diving in the Ross Sea as part of the NSF Antarctic Artists and Writers Program and is currently working part-time at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology as a scientific illustrator and graphic designer with Judy Lemus on an NSF Early-Concept Grant for Exploratory Research. She loves to draw underwater, paddle outrigger canoes and craft children’s books.

Dr. Judy Lemus is a marine scientist and “right-brainer” wannabe. She is fascinated by symbiosis in all its forms, which has been an overarching theme in her professional career, from marine biologist to educational specialist. She designs science education programs for learners of all ages and currently co-directs the Marine Biology Graduate Program at UH Manoa. Judy is also the creator and director of MakerLab at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, a discovery-based science lab and makerspace where she works with Kirsten on cool stuff. She spends her spare time practicing Okinawan karate and trying to channel her inner artist.