Aloha Honolulu Nerds!

Nerd Nite #53 – Sing, Dammit! – Game On! – University Admin BS! –

DATE: 7 Nov 2017

VENUE: Anna O’Brien’s at Isenberg and Beretania

Doors at 7:30, talks at 8ish

With DJ Globes providing music and awesomeness.

Bring your best Nerd Shirt for a free drink!




James McCarthy: Shut Up and Sing!

Every brain has a musical capacity (kinda like a birds) – even yours. So grab a pint and be a bird brain – for twenty minutes.


Jacqueline Ashwell: If You Can Write, You Can Make Computer Games

Crafting computer games isn’t just for the hard-core coders anymore.
This talk will introduce you to two easy-to-learn approaches for sharing your interactive stories and world-building ideas with the world.


Anonymous: Hang (yourself) in There, Baby! University Admin Secret Internal “Workings”

Self explanatory