Aloha Honolulu Nerds!

Nerd Nite #28- Trash, Telescopes, and Climate-smart microbes

DATE: 11/3/2015

VENUE: Anna O’Brien’s at Isenberg and Beretania

Doors at 7:30, talks at 8ish

With DJ Globes providing music and awesomeness.



November Poster

ANITA 3: Looking at penguins from space – By Ben Rotter
Abstract:  As a disclaimer, this talk has nothing to do with penguins.  Their home in Antarctica just so happens to be one of the best places in the world to look for Ultra High Energy (UHE) cosmic rays and neutrinos emanating from the furthest reaches of space.  The ANITA3 balloon borne telescope is searching for these ghostly yet powerful messenger particles, which can open an entirely new window to our universe.
Bio: Ben is a Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa who enjoys complex experimental apparatus and cats.
Trash Talk: Consumption and Climate Change – By Nicole Chatterson
Abstract: Trash isn’t the sexiest topic, but it  plays a big role in our cultural narrative. This talk will focus on the intersection between waste, consumption, and climate change and discuss a major paradigm shift  that is underway.

Bio: Nicole is an environmental scientist, change agent, and educator and she is madly in love with the outdoors.
Climate Change: We’re f*cked! Monitoring the tragedy with Microbes – By Markus Lindh
Abstract: Microbes respond rapidly to changes in the environment both in composition and metabolic activity. Here I present a disturbingly cynical yet remarkbly hopeful talk on how to monitor ocean change by determining microbial distribution patterns and applied theoretical ecology.Bio: Markus is A) ecologist, mainly working with marine microbes, B) aspiring educator specializing in visualizations, C) nerd that likes hiking and adventures.